Remember the beautiful engagement ring my friend Sam and I made for his fiancée Laura last summer?

This year the roles were reversed and it was my pleasure to collaborate with Laura on a reciprocal ring for Sam.

Laura wanted the two rings to have a shared conceptual and aesthetic link, so we put our heads together and decided on a bespoke version of one of my existing designs that she could make herself with my assistance.

Created in silver and 18ct gold, the striped band was made unique as Laura wrapped steel wire around the length of the metal in a pattern which echoed the gold thread spiralling round her own ring. We then ran the metal through my rolling mill, impressing into the steel in to the precious metal to create subtle indentations.

When the metal was formed in to a band, these imprints decorated the interior and exterior surfaces of the ring in a negative echo of the design Sam had created for Laura.


I’m very honoured to have been able to share in two such lovely projects with two of my dearest friends, and I wish them every success and happiness as they plan their big day!