Well, this post is a little late I’m afraid; a couple of busy months have left me playing catch up. But here’s a lovely commission I just finished working on…

A client approached me with an unusual request. She had a large pebble and wanted to know if I could have a stone cut from part of it and set it in to a ring for her girlfriend, as they had collected it together on an outdoor adventure. It was a big old rock and we had no idea what it was made of but I always like a challenge and this seemed like a such a nice idea!

After taking the pebble to my stone cutter and getting the go-ahead, I drew up a range of designs featuring a large cabochon – we agreed the focus should be on the stone itself. The ring was to be made in silver with a focus on clean lines and textures.

The client settled on this design featuring an asymmetric overlap topped by a simple bezel setting. We had talked about the possibility of oxidising the silver, but upon collecting the stone and the remaining pebble from the cutter, we were both amazed at how dark the stone was – it was surprising to see how much the interior of the rock differed in colour and how much impact years of weathering must have had on the surface of the pebble… We agreed a plain silver finish would show the stone to its best advantage.

The finished ring was given a soft matte texture which echoed the feel of the stone itself, with a polished interior and highlights providing contrast; a subtle yet bold piece with a simple elegance.

This was a distinctive and very personal project for a lovely client, and I was very honoured to have worked on it. A good way to start the year.