Jewellery Care

Taking care of your jewellery means that it will continue to look beautiful for many years. It is recommended that you store your jewellery pieces separately and wrapped in acid-free tissue in a closed container to minimise scratching and tarnishing.

Contact with cosmetics, perfume, chlorine, humid conditions and the skin’s natural acidity can all accelerate the tarnishing process of sterling silver.

In order to preserve the subtle textures and finish of the jewellery it is important to refer to the care and cleaning instructions provided with each item. Do not use any proprietary silver cleaning cloths or dips, as these may damage the finish of your jewellery.

Emma is happy to carry out repairs of her jewellery. Please contact her with a description of the problem so she can provide you with information on how to proceed and a repair quote. Emma does not carry out repairs on non-Emma Habbeshon jewellery.