Emma makes striking and elegant contemporary jewellery for women and men, handcrafted in sterling silver and gold. She is fascinated by the visual beauty found in science and mathematics.

Emma trained at Holts Academy in the heart of London’s jewellery district, 2011 – 2014, having previously worked for many years as a set and costume designer for the theatre industry. She produces all her work by hand in her London workshop, and prides herself on her unique, concept-driven designs and the quality of her craftsmanship.

Emma’s current collections are informed by her studies in to diverse areas of scientific interest. The Morphology range is inspired by hidden complexities in nature; micro-organisms, cellular structures and the intricate frameworks which hold together even the tiniest living things. The pieces play with the contrast between the geometric and the organic, exploring qualities of form and surface texture.

The Isometric collection focusses on tessellation and negative space. Crisp, angular shapes and simplicity of line create a strong geometric aesthetic, with rich gold plating adding a luxurious depth of colour.

Her most recent work, the Orrery collection, draws inspiration from our solar system and the planets within it. Solar flares, crater-marked topographies, stormy cloud formations and strange landscapes viewed from above are all abstracted to form beautiful linear designs and textures etched in to silver. Graceful orbital rings and tiny moons are highlighted in polished 9ct gold and smoky grey diamonds shine against soft finishes and curved, tactile forms.

Emma welcomes enquiries regarding bespoke work and commissions.